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Jnatra, is a combination of my name, Jonathan Garcia, Nature, and Transition.

In March of 2020 life as I knew it came to a halt like it did for the rest of the world. It was a period of recognizing transitional times like these are bigger than myself, than any of us. While I gravitate toward evolution naturally, this period was calling me to try something new. I turned inward and saw it as an opportunity to focus on acquiring a new skill and fully immerse myself in music production. I began taking virtual vocal lessons, production lesions, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and bought every book I could get my hands on to learn more about modular synthesis. Every night after work I would immediately hop online to watch music tutorials for hours on end. In search of community I started an Instagram music account, and made connections with Modular World, and Modular TV, Palacio Palace, and Empty Plate radio. I hope my self-taught transition into music inspires growth in the person reading this right now.

During this time of transition nature became an escape from the chaos that ensued during the heavy months of the pandemic. Nature forced me to return back to my natural state. I began taking my modular system to remote locations to absorb the environment into my music. I slept in a spaceship in Joshua Tree, a Yurt in the central coast of California, a cabin in Big Bear, and a farm in the middle of nowhere. I documented each experience through a musical performance. I’m grateful to nature for helping me explore what I wanted to say musically and providing the space to discover how I wanted to communicate as a musician with no distractions.

Music has always been a way for me to express difficult to articulate emotions. It’s not just the songs written lyrically, or how the song moves sonically, but it’s the style around the song, the process in which the songs are created, and how the art is presented to the listener. There’s a certain authenticity that comes with that process and my intention is that it comes out in the design, visuals, and performance of my music.

Happy accidents and unexpected discovery while patching has helped me unlock magic as I write songs. Most of the time the patch cannot be recreated so it’s like a snapshot in time and captures my emotional and mental state in that moment. Jnatra is an outlet of communication stemming from a lifetime of experimentation and discovery. I’m grateful for anyone who has shared in this process, and hope you enjoy this continuously transitional project.